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Updated NextFlex Website Highlights Member FHE Innovation

We are pleased to announce the release of our new website designed to increase understanding and engagement around the future of flexible hybrid electronics. The new site showcases many of you, our elite team of members, representing a diverse mix of professionals from industry, academia, and local, state, and federal government, while highlighting the work that you are leading to fulfill the promise of flexible hybrid electronics to transform manufacturing in the USA, and the day-to-day lives of people globally!

The content on the site, the hierarchy of information provided, and the call to action for deeper engagement from the broader marketplace, has all been informed by you, our existing members. Via a series of one-on-one interviews and on-going group and individual conversations, we have built the site around your input, desires, and recommendations, and we look forward to further engagement and recognition of all that you do for us. To that end, we hope to see you at 2017FLEX next month in Monterey, California, where you may be invited to pose for our photo wall.

The site’s contemporary design, energetic color palette and easy navigation reflect the spirit of the organization and the start-up nature of our work. The new site, however, is just one element of an aggressive engagement and awareness building campaign that we are launching to advance the rapidly expanding field of flexible hybrid electronics. By demonstrating how adding electronics to new and unique materials that are part of our everyday lives in conjunction with the power of silicon ICs to create conformable and stretchable smart products, our work supporting the advancement of FHE is ushering in an era of “electronics on everything” and advancing the efficiency of our world.

We look forward to your feedback and on-going support and advocacy of the work that all of us are collectively doing. Please encourage your colleagues and industry contacts to visit the site and become more deeply engaged with the important work that we are all doing. And, as we launch the site, we will continue to provide you with more opportunities to showcase that work and increase awareness and engagement among a broader and rapidly growing audience of advocates and influencers.

Stay tuned for additional updates and information to share within your professional and social networks.