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Walk Through the NextFlex Technology Hub without Leaving Your Own House

One of our favorite parts about hosting events at the NextFlex office is hosting window tours for attendees. We love getting to showcase the breadth of technology housed in our Technology Hub.

Window tours, however, only begin to scratch the surface of what’s inside our 10,000+ square foot facility. With two cleanrooms featuring sheet-fed processing; flexible process flows to accommodate high mix, low volume manufacturing; and commercially ready tools for printing and assembly, the Technology Hub houses a comprehensive set of equipment ready to design, prototype, and produce pilot-scale flexible and additive hybrid electronics.

And our Tech Hub keeps growing. We have recently added a large scale gantry printer (one of only two in the United States), an entire post-processing lab, and numerous pieces of new equipment.

Since window tours don’t capture the full scope and not everyone has the opportunity to make their way to San Jose, we wanted to give all of you the chance to walk through the space without leaving the comfort of your home.

So, for the first time, we invite you to explore our entire Technology Hub with this virtual tour: