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Open Project Call

Accelerating Tech Innovation & Commercialization


Opportunities exist to move the Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) industry forward that are either outside the scope of traditional Project Call topics or are revolutionary ideas of which the NextFlex Technical Working Groups and community may not be aware. The Open Project Call has been established to respond to these advanced manufacturing and flexible electronics opportunities through an RFI (Request for Ideas), to which proposers may submit a white paper.

The following categories of interest are provided to give ideas, but are not meant to limit proposed topics or concepts:

  • Short duration, small budget projects addressing recognized FHE gaps
  • Development of specialized tools needed for FHE pilot production to be located at the NextFlex Technology Hub
  • Revolutionary or game-changing application demonstrations in a commercially compelling market area or clear military need case
  • Cross-institute collaboration opportunities
  • Opportunity for Agency Funded Projects
  • Process development sabbatical at the NextFlex Technology Hub in San Jose

This call seeks ideas for topics that are aligned with NextFlex Technical Working Groups, but are not addressed by ongoing NextFlex programs or other published or planned solicitations.

Full details on submitting a white paper and all supporting documents can be found in the Project Call Reference Documents section (see sidebar).

The Open Project Call process will occur in two steps.

Step 1: White Paper

White papers determined to be of interest to the NextFlex community will be invited to submit full proposals.

Step 2: Full Proposal

Full proposals scoring highly will be presented to the NextFlex Governing Council for funding consideration.


White papers are accepted on a open, rolling basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are projects expected to take?

Projects should not exceed 12 months. Quicker execution of deliverables will be given priority.

How are costs expected to be shared among partnering companies?

The aggregate of the cost share must meet the requirements. The distribution of the elements between the members of the proposal team is to be determined by the proposing team itself.

What are the expected sources of the matching funds?

Cash or in-kind from participating organizations, companies, and other backers are all acceptable. There are organizations within states that have funds available for this purpose. Guidelines for reasonable forms of cost share are available in the Reference Documents section on this page “Cost Share Definitions and Guidance.” Still unsure? Contact NextFlex.


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