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Sinclair Community College Hosts Over 350 Students for Manufacturing Day 2023
San Jose Manufacturers Convene and Strategize
Santa Clara County FlexFactor Finals – Spring 2023
Noddin Elementary Participates in NextFlex FlexFactor® Sprint
NextFlex News – April 2023
NextFlex Convenes the Member Community March 28-29 to Stimulate New FHE Developments
NextFlex News – March 2023
NextFlex News – February 2023
Hybrid Electronics for Advanced Packaging: FHE Manufacturing Community Convenes at NextFlex
NextFlex News – January 2023
Event Recap: DMC 2022
NextFlex News – December 2022
NextFlex News – November 2022
Advanced Packaging Gets an Additive Upgrade
Special Study: Assessment of the Flexible Hybrid Electronic Ecosystem
Printing on Flexible Substrates and Beyond!
NextFlex News – October 2022
NextFlex Celebrates Manufacturing Day on October 7, 2022
NextFlex News – September 2022
NextFlex News – August 2022
Innovation Days 2022 Slideshow
Creativity surfaces in Shark Tank at Youth Center
Changing the Face of Advanced Manufacturing One Student at a Time
NextFlex News – July 2022
NextFlex News – June 2022
NextFlex News – May 2022
Boeing Teams up With NextFlex® to Expand FlexFactor® and Flex2Future® Workforce Development Programs
NextFlex News – April 2022
NextFlex News – March 2022
Success Story: Sierra Turbines
NextFlex News – February 2022
Success Story: Space Foundry
NextFlex News – January 2022
Developing the Workforce of the Future: Roundtable Discussion Recap
NextFlex News – December 2021
FlexFactor® Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Camille Cooper, East Mississippi Community College
NextFlex News – November 2021
NextFlex Experts Highlight FHE Technologies to the Surface Engineering Community at the 2021 SVC TechCon
NextFlex News – October 2021
Exploring the Complexity of Solving the STEM Learning and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Challenge
NextFlex News – September 2021 Newsletter
Spotlight: FlexFactor® and Flex2Future™ Student Mehmood Rahmatullah
NextFlex News – August 2021 Newsletter
NextFlex FlexMil Launches in Alabama
Innovation Days 2021 Slideshow
California Assemblymember Alex Lee Discovers New Technology at NextFlex
NextFlex News – July 2021 Newsletter
NextFlex Hosts its First-ever National FlexFactor® Finals
NextFlex News – June 2021 Newsletter
Wilcox High School Students Excel in Spring FlexFactor®
FlexFactor® Pilot Programs in Southern California Produce Outstanding Results
Accelerating the STEM Talent Pipeline for Advanced Manufacturing: A Collaborative Approach
NextFlex News – May 2021 Newsletter
Improving Education Pathways by Listening to the Voice of Industry
Emily McGrath Nominated by San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo to work2future Board
NextFlex News – April 2021 Newsletter
Success Story: Aionx CleanSURFACES® Antimicrobial Mats
Middle School FlexFactor® Sprints – Quarantine Style
NextFlex Special Call: NF-21-006-GP
2021 Fellow Award Presentations
Binghamton University to Offer NextFlex FlexPro Training
NextFlex News – March 2021 Newsletter
NextFlex Massachusetts Node Update: February 2021
NextFlex News – February 2021 Newsletter
NextFlex Receives $5M HHS Grant to Focus on Diversity in STEM
NextFlex News – January 2021 Newsletter
Evergreen Valley College Debuts New Advanced Manufacturing Technology Program
Success Story: NextFlex Flexible Microcontroller
NextFlex News – December 2020 Newsletter
FlexFactor® Debuts in South Carolina
NextFlex News – November 2020 Newsletter
Lorain County Community College Continues to Inspire Students with FlexFactor® Online
Recap: NextFlex Virtual Workshop: FHE for Automotive Applications
Success Story: AFRL Confined Space Monitoring Armband
Success Story: NASA Astrosense (In-space manufacturing, multi material fabrication with printed electronics)
GE Research Developing Sensors for Wind Turbines
NextFlex News – October 2020 Newsletter
Success Story: GE’s wearable sensor platform for medical devices
The Top Ten Myths of Modern Manufacturing Dispelled by the NextFlex Engineering Team
Success Story: Profusa’s skin-worn reader for continuous oxygen monitoring
NextFlex News – September 2020 Newsletter
NextFlex Kicks Off Fall 2020 Virtual FlexFactor® Program
Update from Manufacturing USA
Bay Area manufacturers rise to challenges of producing during a pandemic 
NextFlex Summer Workforce Development Interns Share Their Stories
NextFlex News – August 2020 Newsletter
Virtual Innovation Days 2020 a Hit with NextFlex Members and Government Attendees
Calhoun Teams Up with the Cap and Gown Project for Virtual FlexFactor®
NextFlex News – July 2020 Newsletter
FlexFactor®: Virtual College and Career Day Panel Roll Out
NextFlex News – June 2020 Newsletter
NextFlex Secures Seven Years of Funding, Up to $154M, in Cost-Sharing Agreement with Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Pradeep Lall Honored with IEEE Biedenbach Outstanding Engineering Educator Award
Flex2Future Launches Silicon Valley Cohort for the Summer of 2020
NextFlex News – May 2020 Newsletter
NextFlex Leads Recipients of $5M in Naval Research Funding for Workforce Education Program Expansion
Project Call 5.0 Announcement
Engineering Announcement
NextFlex News – April 2020 Newsletter
FlexFactor® Goes Virtual as Nation Reacts to COVID-19
NextFlex COVID-19 Funding Opportunity
Small Business Owner’s Guide To CARES Act
FEMA COVID-19 Critical Supply List
Member Update: 3/25
The National FlexFactor® Expansion Continues with a Day of Training
COVID-19 Update
NextFlex News – February 2020 Newsletter
January 22 Project Update Report
NextFlex News – January 2020 Newsletter
Request for Letters of Support
NextFlex News – December 2019 Newsletter
NextFlex News – November 2019 Newsletter
NextFlex News – October 2019 Newsletter
Manufacturing Day 2019 Encourages Next Generation of Innovators
FlexFactor® Jumpstarts an Aggressive Fall Semester Schedule
NextFlex News – September 2019 Newsletter
Innovation Day 2019 Better Than Ever
Workforce Development Students and Leaders Honored at Innovation Day 2019
NextFlex News – August 2019 Newsletter
FlexFactor® Plugs and Plays Anywhere, Anytime
NextFlex Massachusetts Node Ramps Up
New Human Health and Performance Monitoring Symposium Announced
NextFlex News — July 2019 Newsletter
FHE for Defense Applications Workshop Participants Enthusiastic about DoD Requirements
NextFlex News – June 2019 Newsletter
Spring Semester 2019 FlexFactor® Finals
NextFlex News – May 2019 Newsletter
FlexFactor® Students Launch New Product Ideas at the US Space and Rocket Center
NextFlex News – April 2019 Newsletter
New Advanced Manufacturing Technology Curriculum Designed to Serve the Workforce Development Needs of NextFlex Members
Member Alert: Project Call 5.0
NextFlex’s FHE Applications for Aerospace Workshop a Resounding Success
NextFlex and the Morgan Family Foundation Team up to Deliver an Environmentally-focused FlexFactor®
FLEX PRO: A New Workforce Development Program from NextFlex
NextFlex News – March 2019 Newsletter
NextFlex Recognizes Heroes of Flexible Hybrid Electronics with 2019 Fellow Award
NextFlex and Profusa Unveil Skin-worn Reader Prototype for Continuous Oxygen Monitoring at FLEX 2019
NextFlex Member Meetings at FLEX 2019
NextFlex News — February 2019 Newsletter
NextFlex’s FlexFactor Concludes an Active Semester
Boeing Grant Bolsters New Program to Benefit Local Students this Spring
NextFlex News – December 2018 Newsletter
Middle School STEM Students Visit DuPont’s New Silicon Valley Technology Center with NextFlex
NextFlex Teams up with Boeing for Second National Expansion of Workforce Development Program
NextFlex News – October 2018 Newsletter
Workshop Recap: Scalable Manufacturing Methods for Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Students Solve Real-World Problems and Take Steps Toward Real-World STEM Entrepreneurship
Manufacturing USA Institutes to Star in Two Upcoming October Events
NextFlex News – September 2018 Newsletter
NextFlex Announces Two Affiliated “Nodes” to Further Support Growing FHE Community in Massachusetts and New York
Another Winning Educational Approach for Advanced Manufacturing
NextFlex News – August 2018 Newsletter
Interns Adding Value at NextFlex
NextFlex Launches $10 Million Funding Round for Flexible Hybrid Electronics Innovations in Aviation, Digital Health, and National Security
Project Call 4.0 Preview
NextFlex News – July 2018 Newsletter
Big News from Massachusetts for NextFlex Members
FlexFactor® Finals Recap
NextFlex Awards $12 Million to 7 Projects Fueling Flexible Hybird Electronics Innovations in Healthcare, Avionics and Insfrastructure Monitoring
NextFlex News – June 2018 Newsletter
Calling All Innovators!
FlexFactor® Completes its Second Year
Workshop Recap: Next Generation Electronics for Defense Applications
NextFlex News – May 2018 Newsletter
NextFlex Continues to Offer Members-only Discounts through GPS
Overcoming Obstacles to Learn with FlexFactor®
Fresh From Silicon Valley: Advanced Manufacturing Career Program Takes Off in Ohio
NextFlex News – April 2018 Newsletter
Foundational Work for the NextFlex Materials & Process Database Now Underway
Inviting Small- and Medium-sized Manufacturers to Apply FHE Technology in Healthcare
Engaging Middle School Students with FlexFactor®
Member Spotlight: SI2 Technologies
FlexFactor® Opens Doors for New Kinds of Students
NextFlex News – March 2018 Newsletter
Call to Action: New Materials & Process Database for the NextFlex Community
New Workshop Announced: Next Generation Electronics for Defense Applications
NextFlex Hosts the National Association of Manufacturers National Tour February 28
The Creators of the Teen Choice Awards and Manufacturing USA present the Manufacturing Innovation Award as part of the inaugural Science + Innovation Awards
NextFlex Recognizes All-Stars of Flexible Hybrid Electronics
NextFlex Proves Manufacturability of Flexible Hybrid Electronics Process, Creating First Flexible Arduino System Ideal for Bringing New IoT/Sensor Products to Market Fruition
Funding Opportunities for Small Businesses, as well as Automotive, Engineering Education, and Printing Methods
NextFlex News – January 2018 Newsletter
Flex Your FHE Muscle at 2018FLEX
FlexFactor™ is Changing Lives, One High-School Student at a Time
Member Spotlight: Acellent
Unlocking New Sensor Applications, Increasing Data Accuracy, and Untethering Patients
FlexFactor™ Finals: Silicon Valley Lets High School Entrepreneurs Shine
Call for Award Nominations from the FHE Community
NextFlex News – December 2017 Newsletter
NextFlex® Creates Disneyland® for FHE Engineers
SBIR BAA Topics Now in Pre-release
See You at DMC in Tampa, FL, December 4-7
Member Spotlight: Uniqarta
NextFlex Members Dive into Materials Properties for a Database Schema
Powering the Internet of Everything—the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Revolution
NextFlex News – October 2017 Newsletter
Member Spotlight: American Semiconductor
Standing Room Only at Second Annual NextFlex Innovation Day
US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visits NextFlex
Massachusetts Invests in FHE Manufacturing
NextFlex Membership Update
EE Times Blog: Die Handling Critical in Flex Electronics
Pioneers of Flexible Hybrid Electronics Converge at NextFlex Innovation Day to Showcase Latest Advances That Will Transform Our Everyday Lives
Pssst, teenagers love manufacturing
I-Corps @ DoD Pilot Program
NextFlex News – August 2017 Newsletter
Making Internships Work (and Fun)
NextFlex Highlights: First Half 2017
Arduino Goes Hybrid, Flexible
NextFlex Workforce Development Director, Brynt Parmeter, Appointed as Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army
IoT Needs To Get More Flexible
Flexible Hybrid Electronics Advancing, Spurred by Dual-Use Technology Development
Opinion: Community colleges and partners can overcome math barrier and diversify tech workforce
Letter from the Executive Director
Flexible and Stretchable Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing for Wearables: Challenges and Solutions
What a (School) Year it’s Been!
2017 iNEMI Roadmap Looks to the Future of Electronics Manufacturing
Yuasa System Co. Partners with NextFlex to Provide Flexible Hybrid Electronics Testing Equipment
NextFlex Ramps Pilot Manufacturing Line for Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Flexible Electronics Industry Experts to Deliver Joint Keynote During 2017FLEX
NextFlex Makes Critical New Staff Appointment
NextFlex Issues Third Call for Project Proposals Aimed at Bringing Flexible Hybrid Electronic Solutions to Market; More Than $45 Million Awarded in First Two Rounds
Letter from the Executive Director
Project Call 3.0 Preview
Member Spotlight: Eastman Chemical Company
Updated NextFlex Website Highlights Member FHE Innovation
NextFlex Awards Contracts Totaling $45 Million to Date for Developing Flexible Hybrid Electronics Into a Commercially Viable U.S. Industry
NextFlex Continues to Accelerate Flexible Hybrid Electronics into the Mainstream Market; Awards Largest Set of Development Projects to Date, Topping $21 Million
Two Webinars Will Preview the 2017 INEMI Roadmap
NextFlex Recognizes Several Dedicated Individuals Making Significant Contributions to the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Industry
Nextflex Details Development Projects Focused on Human and Asset Monitoring
NextFlex Hosts Inaugural Groundhog Job Shadow Day
Nextflex Welcome Dignitaries to Silicon Valley for Grand Opening of Manufacturing Innovation Institute Focused on Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Lockheed Martin Joins NextFlex to Accelerate Flexible Hybrid Electronics Innovation
NextFlex Workforce Development Pilot, FlexFactor®, Completed; Students Gain Recognition from San Jose Mayor for Business Pitches
NextFlex Announces Partnership with California Manufacturing Technology Consulting to Help Small- and Medium-Size Manufacturers
NextFlex Teams with Lincoln High School to Introduce San Francisco Bay Area Students to the Exciting World of Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Dr. Jill Biden Visits NextFlex to Promote America’s College Promise
NextFlex Opens Its Doors to Overwhelming Response
NextFlex Welcomes Dignitaries to Silicon Valley for Grand Opening of Manufacturing Innovation Institute Focused on Flexible Hybrid Electronics
NextFlex Takes Key Steps Toward Furthering US Development and Adoption of the Flexible Hybrid Electronics that Will Revolutionize the Way We Live, Work, and Play
NextFlex Soliciting Second Round of Proposals for Accelerating Development and Adoption of Flexible Hybrid Electronics
NextFlex, America’s First-Ever Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute, Names Founding Members
NextFlex Names Jason Marsh Director of Technology
FlexTech Alliance Receives $75 Million Department of Defense Award To Create and Manage a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Facility